We have learned from our professional experiences
for you to propose the best strategies

Same network, same opportunities, same conditions: we manage your personal savings in the same way we manage our own.

Our independence is a choice. It is also one of our main strengths to act at your service in any freedom. It is then up to our recognized expertise to make the difference in the choice of your investments.

Our commitment

  • Safeguarding your interests, first and foremost


    Analyze your existing portfolio: diversification, return, risk and associated costs


    Recommend a strategic plan taking into account your expectations and our professional expertise


    Choose the best financial opportunities


    Negotiate the best conditions


    Manage your investments in a dynamic and adaptive manner


    Establish a relationship between your past partners and our direct suppliers in the markets.


    Offer regular reviews in order to evaluate our strategy and make it evolve


    A platform for consolidating the components of your assets

Why we are different

  • Our unique and personal model

    Our interests are aligned with yours because we invest in the same assets, unlike the traditional players: Private Banks, Wealth Management Advisors and typical Family Offices, whose remuneration is often uncorrelated with performance. You benefit from our personal international expertise in financial products. We have privileged access to a range of exclusive solutions.

Our values

  • Independence

    Yarok Capital does not depend on any institutional structure and we are not affiliated with any financial institution. We have complete freedom over our investments, issuers and products.

  • Trust and integrity

    Trust and integrity are the essence of Yarok Capital and its founders. Our investment and compensation model promotes a strong link between our interests and those of our clients.

  • Expertise

    Benefiting from renowned experience, Yarok Capital is committed to a standard of excellence in the choice of our investments and in the rigorous selection of our partners.