Legal terms

1- Object of the site

The site is a site with strictly informative purpose the objective of which is to present the activity of advice(council) concerning the follow-up of his(her) customers. All the information available on the site has an exclusively indicative character. It is not about a transactional site. Any information can be modified without advance notice by YAROK CAPITAL. On no account, the information published on the site represents an offer of products or services (departments) which can be likened to a public offering, or to an activity of doorstep selling or request in the purchase or in the sale of any product of management or investment. The information available on this site is supplied honest and would not know how to engage the responsibility of YAROK CAPITAL.
The information appearing on the site does not aim at being used by every person or entity in a country or a jurisdiction where this use would be against the legal or statutory requirements, or which would impose to conform to the obligations (bonds) of recording of these countries. All of products or services (departments) cannot be registered (recorded) or not authorized in all the countries or not available to all the customers.

2- Disclaimer

The access to products and the services broadcasted on this website site can be the object of limitations regarding certain people or of certain countries, in particular towards investors from United States and/or the United Kingdom who are submitted to specific legislation and restrictions. Besides, the services presented on this site can be signed only in the jurisdictions in which their marketing and their promotion (class) are authorized. YAROK CAPITAL recommends to every person that is interested in the services and/or products displayed by YAROK CAPITAL, to carefully inquire if there are no legal or regulatory or any other prevention or prohibition for him to receive services from YAROK CAPITAL and/or in regards to the products presented by it.

In Israel, YAROK CAPITAL Ltd provides investment services, according to the Regulation of Engagement in Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 5755 – 1995 (the “Law”). YAROK CAPITAL Ltd does not hold a license from the Israel Securities Authority, since it operates under the exemption provided by the Law permitting provision of such services to Qualified Clients absent a license, as defined in the Law. YAROK CAPITAL Ltd is classified as an "investment marketer" under the Law and may be affiliated to certain securities and financial instruments connected to the services it provides. Therefore, any use of the term "investment advice" or any variation thereof, in this website should be understood as “investment marketing". YAROK CAPITAL Ltd is not insured as the insurance requirement stipulated in the Law does not apply for investment advisors in providing services to a Qualified Client. The information in this website does not constitute investment advice and has been distributed by YAROK CAPITAL Ltd for information purposes only, without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular client, and does not constitute an offer, a recommendation or an invitation by or on behalf of YAROK CAPITAL Ltd to make any investment.

3- Legal information about the company

Limited liability company with a capital of EUR 3,000 • Paris Commercial Register No. 833 975 683 • NAF (Activity Code) 7022Z
Head Office : 55 boulevard Lannes – 75116 Paris • 01 40 36 82 33 •
Member of the National Association of Financial Advisors-CIF (ANACOFI-CIF), an organization approved by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF, 17 place de la Bourse 75082 Paris Cedex 02, • ORIAS no. 18001021 (CIF & Insurance Broker).
ORIA Finance and Assets Policy no. 2.401.395 / OC 100000606 with insurer AIG Europe Limited •
VAT identification number: FR 47 833975683
The services described in this document can only be subscribed to in those jurisdictions where their sale and marketing are authorized.

4- Compensation, commissions, non-financial benefits

The strategy consulting patrimonial is paid in the form of fees, a mission letter specifying then the modalities of realization of these services as well as the amount of the fees.

The investment advice is paid by means of a fraction of the costs relating to the interventions carried out in this framework, paid, directly or indirectly, by providers of the products or services.

When the delivery of investment advice will be followed by a delivery of intermediation on financial products, the advisor is paid by all of the costs of entry the deduction of the share acquired to the society which authorizes it to market the product, to which is added a fraction of the costs of management which is at the maximum of 50% of those.

The details of the remuneration of the adviser by Commissions, acting as an intermediary, may be obtained by the client in speaking to the society which allows the marketing by the Adviser of its products. The advisor undertakes to assist the customer in obtaining such information

Besides, according to provisions of the article 325-6 of the General regulation of the AMF, the customer can obtain, on simple request, communication of more precise information with his advisor, with the establishment content of the account or directly with the producer when the latter is not himself an agent.

5- Ethical Code

Yarok Capital has undertaken to comply with the entire code of conduct of ANACOFI-CIF, available from the association’s offices or at

6 - Handling of complaints

This is governed by Article 325-12-1 of the General Regulations of the AMF and AMF instruction no. 2012-07 dated July 13, 2017, updated April 24, 2013
For any complaints, the ombudsman for Yarok Capital can be contacted as follows:
By post: 55 boulevard Lannes – 75116 Paris or by email:
Yarok Capital undertakes to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within ten days and to provide you with an answer in no later than two months. Every effort will be made by Yarok Capital to handle any complaints as quickly as possible. If the dispute continues or if the response provided by Yarok Capital is not acceptable to you, you can also contact:
The Anacofi Ombudsman: Anacofi Ombudsman – 92 rue d’Amsterdam – 75009 Paris
The AMF Ombudsman: Mrs. Marielle Cohen-Branche – Financial Markets Authority – 17, place de la Bourse – 75 082 Paris Cedex 02 or using an electronic form available on the AMF website:

7- Information about handling of your data

In accordance with the Information and Civil Liberties Law dated January 6, 1978, modified in 2004, you have the right of access and modification of data concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting the head office of Yarok Capital. Yarok Capital has declared its business to the National Council for Information Technology and Civil Liberties under No. 1929442

8- Website design and execution

Agence Wake Me Up, 19 rue froment – 75011 Paris.

9- Website editor & hosting

Agence Wake Me Up, 19 rue froment – 75011 Paris.

10- Cookies

Cookies are small files placed on your computer. A cookie does not allow us to identify you but it records information relating to your browsing on our site which we can read during your subsequent visits in order to facilitate navigation, optimize the connection and personalize the website's use. You can refuse the usage of cookies by configuring the settings of your Internet browser. However, refusing cookies may prevent you from accessing certain features of the site. Client access is built with a session timeout, and some information will only be updated after reconnecting to the site.